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  • In successful management of
    1. Genito – Urinary Tract Infections
    2. Burning Micturition
    3. Bladder Disturbances
  • Has a definite place in armamentarium of a clinician for use in U.T infections where there does not exists any obstructive uropathy.
  • Gives both symptomatic relief and bacteriological cure.
  • It is an astringent, diuretic, anabolic (tonic), antiseptic and makes resistant strains sensitive.


Positive advantages of BANGSHIL treatment:

  • It has Bacteriostatic and Bactericidal effects, gives relief from symptoms in 2-3 days and eradicates bacteria within 2-3 weeks of treatment.
  • In micturition complaints : relief within 2 days even in resistant, recurrent, chronic & V.D cases.
  • In severe cases, Bangshil can be combined with urinary antiseptics. It improves bacterial susceptibility to antibiotics.
  • It tones up the functions and defense mechanism of Genito Urinary system.
  • Helps in detoxicating kidney, ureters, bladder, urethra.
  • It is Safe drug for long term use.
  • No danger of drug resistance or renal blockage.


  • Crystalluria, Cystitis, Frequent Micturition, Oxaluria, Phosphaturia, Prostatitis, Pyelitis, Pyelonephritis,Urethritis, UTI (burning urination, scanty urination, pressure on lower abdomen, fever/chills, dark-smelly urine), In Females : Chronic vaginitis (inflammation of the vagina resulting in discharge, itching and pain), asymptomatic bacteriuria and after instrumentation.


  • 2 tablets 3-4 times a day for 2-3 weeks. Then in reduced dose as necessary.
  • In Acute cases : as an adjuvant 2 tablets three times a day.

Bang Bhasma, Shilajit, Makshik Bhasma, Chandan, Kasis, Tamal Patra, Dantimool, Nishotar, Vanskapoor, etc.