Lutein Benefits:
o Helps support skin health /helps promote healthy skin /helps maintain healthy skin /helps to
maintain your skin’s healthy look and feel /is deposited naturally in the skin /is a natural
compound contained in the dermis and epidermis /is a natural compound contained in the
deepest layers of the skin /nutrition for skin /helps maintain skin moisture /helps maintain
skin hydration /improves skin moisture /helps improve skin hydration /helps improve skin
elasticity /supports skin elasticity /contributes to the appearance of skin associated with
premature aging /helps protect the dermis and epidermis from oxidative stress /natural
antioxidant for the skin /natural antioxidant for healthy skin /helps fight free radicals in the
skin / Contributes to the maintenance of healthy skin when exposed to sun light (Avoid
sunburns by using an effective sun screen. Beta carotene is not a replacement for sun

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