Invigorate your hair and beard with tradition brought into the modern age.

Best for revitalisingcleansing and shaping.


Dating back to prehistory, the origin of ginseng can be traced back to 1596 A.D. where it’s included in the Bencao Gangmu (Encyclopedia of Herbs), written by Li Shizhen. In the text, it is included as an ingredient for helping to remedy 23 diseases. Nowadays, ginseng is not considered a medication but is considered to be more of a tonic which can help improve energy and well-being.


Skin care and hair care products containing ginseng as an active ingredient can rehydrate and revitalise your skin and hair while softeningconditioning and soothing your beard. Using a range of ingredients including Aloe vera, caffeine and jojoba, our ginseng range is designed for everyday use and can revitalisepurify and energise.

Beauty Boosting

We believe that every part of every body deserves to feel and look as best as it can. With our ginseng range, your skin, hair and beard can feel invigorated and refreshed, helping you prepare for the day ahead or helping you to relax when you need it. Prepare your skin and hair. Refresh the body. Energise.

Ginseng History

Used throughout Asia for thousands of years, the root of the ginseng plant has long been regarded as a remedy thought to prevent illness. Emperor Yan, the Yellow Emperor, is said to have started herbal medicine about 5,500 years ago. It’s believed he tasted hundreds of plants to discover many medicinal herbs – ginseng being one of these.

Centuries-old Skincare

Ginseng contains several compounds which can reinvigorate, condition and revitalise skin, hair and beards. It is an ingredient which has been used for centuries for its unique benefits - testament to its popularity and ability when used in skincare.

The Products

Our ginseng range, formulated for men, contains products designed for everyday use and to help you revitalise and cleanse. Treat your skin and hair with our Organic Ginseng Shaving Cream, Organic Ginseng Hair & Body Wash, Organic Ginseng Face Serum, Organic Ginseng Shave & Beard Oil and Organic Ginseng Hair Style Putty.