Aptizooom Syrup 200ml

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Restores appetite naturally

  • Improves appetite
  • Aids digestion & assimilation of food
  • Others call Aptizoom syrup

    APTIZOOOM is a natural appetite stimulant. It safely promotes a healthy appetite and improves functions of the digestive system, without harmful side effects. APTIZOOOM syrup is a blend of herbal appetizers and digestives. Shunti (

    Zingiber officinale) and  Ajmoda inAPTIZOOOM stimulate secretion of digestive enzymes. Shatavari (Asparagus racemosus) in APTIZOOOM supports digestion and allows your body to absorb and utilize nutrients for overall health. Vidanga (Embelia ribes) helps in reducing worm infestation.

    APTIZOOOM is non-addictive, chemical-free and without harmful side-effects.

    Product highlights
    • Improves appetite assimilation of food
    • Arouses the sense of taste smell
    • Ensures overall development
    • Helps expel worms
    Bhringraj Bhringraj is a known for hair benefits due to its flavonoids and phenols and is a beneficial ingredient to prevent hair thinning. It is a potent anti fungal and anti microbial and hence helps prevent scalp afflictions
    Shatavari Antioxidant, balances hormones and provides nourishment.
    Shunthi It improves digestion and reduces inflammation. Gives relief from migraine symptoms. Prevents and reduces episodes of migraine.
    Vidanga Vidanga protect the melanocytes from the oxidative damage.

    5 ml twice daily