B-Tex Super Ointment - 12g

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For thousands of years, it has been acknowledge fact that bathing in the hot water sulphur springs which spring from the belly of the earth has magical curative powers on skin problems. B tex superwith sulphur brings you the benefit of that proven ancient ayurvedic remedy in modern packing for your convenience.

Btex super ointment is a powerful ayurvedic combination of germicide, bacteriocidal, eschorotic, anti septic, anesthetic & anti pruritic.

B-TEX LOTION also available.


eczema, ringworm, itches & cold cracks.


Clean the affected part with lukewarm water & apply gently.


Attractive lami tube of 12 g


10.00 %

Salicycic acid

0.50 %

Gandhak (sulphur)

0.50 %

Tankan amla (Boric Acid)

1.00 %

Kapoor flavour (Camphor)


Ointment base

Salicylic acid

It is an eschorotic. Being hygroscopic, it removes water from the tissues.

Tankan amla

It is a germicide & powerful bacteriocidal action.

Kapoor flavour

Anti septic, anesthatic & anti pruritic.