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Collagen Drink (formerly known as Collaflex Drink)

Pure marine collagen drink

  • High potency collagen to support bones, joints and skin
  • Hydrolysed (broken down) for maximum absorption
  • Helps maintain skeletal strength, especially at menopause and beyond
  • Sourced from sustainably farmed, antibiotic
  • Free fish including tilapia and catfish
  • Pure marine collagen is also available in Collagen Tablets.
  • You will also get Collagen Peptides Powder from Natures brand and also Collagen Peptides powder from NOW brand
  • COLLAGEN CAPSULES available from NOW BRAND as well. 

What is Collagen Drink?

After the age of around 30, roughly 1.5% collagen a year is lost each year and this can be exacerbated by lifestyle factors such as sun exposure and smoking. As collagen production declines we start to notice the fine lines and wrinkles and sagging skin! Taking collagen orally has been shown to help increase collagen levels, with a resulting reduction in the appearance of wrinkles and increased elasticity. It has also been shown to increase skin hydration. The most abundant protein in the body, collagen not only provides structure and elasticity to the skin, but also supports the strength of our skeleton, as collagen fibres twist around each other to create the scaffolding onto which minerals are deposited in our bones. Collagen is also a major component of connective tissue in joint cartilage, muscles, tendons and ligaments. Containing a full 6100mg collagen (marine, non-shark) per scoop, Higher Nature's Collagen Drink provides hydrolysed ""peptides"" or amino acids, that have been broken down for easier absorption and distribution throughout the body. Simply add the powder to a glass of fruit or vegetable juice for a nourishing and pleasant tasting drink.

Why is ours better?

A high potency pure marine collagen powder providing 6100mg collagen per scoop. Higher Nature's Collagen drink provides hydrolysed collagen peptides with a low molecular weight for enhanced absorption.

Who is this for?

As we age, collagen provides extra nutritional support for skin, joints and bones, providing strength, firmness and elasticity. Ideal for women aged 35 and above and for anyone looking for skin and structural support. This also makes a fabulous post work-out drink for both men and women - the hydrolysed collagen, with its high amino acid content and enhanced absorption, helps replenish protein loss in muscles during exercise, making it ideal for muscle repair and recovery.