Collagen Tablets 90's

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Nurture from the inside

Pure marine collagen tablets

    • Hydrolysed marine collagen - contains peptides and free amino acids
    • Highly digestible and absorbable for superior action - Type I and III
    • Supports youthful looking skin -with vitamin C needed for collagen formation
    • Vitamin C and copper help protect cells from oxidative stress
    • Includes calcium for healthy bones and copper for connective tissue
    • Responsibly sourced 
    • Pure marine collagen is also available in powder form in Collaflex Drink.
    • You will also get Collagen Peptides Powder from Natures brand and also Collagen Peptides powder from NOW brand
    • COLLAGEN CAPSULES available from NOW BRAND as well. 

What is Collagen Tablets?

New advanced formulation for enhanced benefits. Now with 1000mg premium hydrolysed marine collagen per tablet for more targeted and intensive support. Also includes vitamin C which is needed for normal collagen formation. Vitamin C alongside copper, also helps protect cells from oxidative stress – perfect for mopping up those free-radicals. Copper is also needed for normal skin and hair pigmentation.

Skin is exposed to pollutants daily, from air pollution to UV rays. These factors contribute to the creation of free radicals. Your body defends against a certain amount of these naturally, however a build-up leads to oxidative stress which in turn, can lead to collagen breakdown.

Does collagen work is a common question we are asked so let’s take a look at the science of our collagen fibres and our skin. Our collagen fibres are vital for structure and suppleness, keeping skin looking youthful, firm and smooth – internal scaffolding if you like. Together with elastin and hyaluronic acid they provide structural support to the epidermis. After the age of 30 we lose 1.5% collagen a year, as collagen is broken down by various factors including oxidative stress caused by free-radical damage.

Collagen fibres are also an integral part of the scaffolding inside the bones onto which the minerals including calcium are deposited. Collagen is also part of our tendons which link muscle to bone and a major component of our blood vessels and gut. We add in calcium to our collagen which is also needed for bone health, and copper which contributes to the maintenance of our connective tissue.

Our superior supplement provides collagen peptides from hydrolysed collagen to maximize both absorption and bioavailability. Collagen peptides have been shown to reach the dermis – the deepest layer of skin where they remain active for up to 14 days. It also contain free amino acids, needed for collagen formation.

Who is this for?

Anyone wanting to nurture their youthful looks. Often taken for hair and nails too, or even the whole body including the gut. Perfect for those in their 20s right up to those in their older years. Ideal for those wanting bone health support and connective tissue support – a good choice from peri-menopause and beyond. Our formula includes type I and type III collagen, great for those wanting to support skin elasticity and hydration. Type I collagen is also found in tendons and bones, whilst type III is found in connective tissue.

Why is ours better?

We use an environmentally friendly form of marine collagen. Our collagen is derived from the skin of sustainably sourced, freshwater fish which would otherwise be discarded thus reducing the environmental impact. Flexible dosing for differing needs. Ideal support from 6 tablets daily but can be taken anywhere from 2-10. One tablet equals one gram – easy to choose your dose. Fuss free way of taking collagen for those who prefer tablets to drinkable collagen. Provides collagen with the nutrients needed for activation in the body.

Six tablets typically provide

 Vitamin C 120mg Calcium 180mg Copper 450µg Hydrolysed collagen (marine, non-shark) 6000mg

Collagen hydrolysate 1400mg (non-shark, marine source) providing hydroxyproline and hydroxylysine in combination with other amino acids to a 93% minimum protein content.

Suggested intake

Take 2-10 tablets a day at least 30 minutes before meals.