Honitus Cough Syrup (Ayurvedic Medicine for Cough) 100ml

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Dabur's Honitus Cough Syrup provides effective relief from cough, without side-effects. Dabur Honitus Cough Syrup is an ayurvedic medicine for cough that is fortified with Tulsi , Mulethi & Banapsha and other powerful scientifically proven medicinal plants as recommended by ayurveda in India. The formulation is clinically proven and provides fast relief against acute cough and throat irritation. It is 100% Ayurvedic and safe
Cough syrup from Goodcare (Dr. Honey) also available. 


Effectively controls cough
Relieves throat irritation


Each teaspoonful (5ml) of Dabur Honitus contains extract derived from:  
Tulsi                                             50.0 mg
Mulethi                                        50.0 mg
Banaphsa                                   50.0 mg
Kantkari                                       50.0 mg
Talispatra                                    50.0 mg 
Sunthi                                          25.0 mg
Pippali                                         25.0 mg
Vasaka                                        25.0 mg
Shati                                            25.0 mg
Pudina Satva                             3.0 mg
Shudha Madhu (Honey)             1.75 g
Flavoured Syrup Base                q.s.
Honey: Relieves Cough and Throat irritation
Tulsi: Anti-tussive
Mulethi: Sore throat reliever
Sunthi: Relieves cough
Banapsha: Expectorant


Children: 1 teaspoon 3-4 times a day
Adults: 2 teaspoon 3-4 times a day 


100 ml bottle