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Damiana Herb (Turnera Diffusa)

Pure powdered herb.
60 x 300mg in vegetable casules


Damiana Herb (Turnera Diffusa).

Pure powdered herb.
60 x 300mg in vegetable capsules.

Damiana has an honoured reputation because it has been used by people of both sexes for hundreds of years. Valued by those who live life in the “fast lane”.

Native to the Gulf of Mexico, southern California and the northern Caribbean islands, Damiana grows wild in cultivation in the region, preferring a hot, humid climate.

Arbutin up to 7%; volatile oil about 0.5% – D-cadinene (10%), thymol (4%); cyanogenic glycoside – tetraphyllin; resins; gums.

None Known.

PARTS USED: Leaves – makes a pleasant tasting tea.

  • Pure-fil.
  • Additive free.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.