Digest fast Tablets 15g

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Experience the power of herbal ingredients and digestive enzymes working in harmony. Say goodbye to digestion troubles with Digest Fast.🍃
🔸 Support digestion throughout the gastrointestinal tract
🔸 Soothe the stomach and nourish intestinal cell lining
🔸 Ideal for liver and stomach care
Trust in the herbal wisdom of Digest Fast for a healthier gut. Embrace natural solutions to digestive problems. 🌿

Digest fast is formulated with herbal ingredients and digestive enzymes.

It can help support digestion throughout the gastrointestinal tract by calming the stomach and supporting the delicate cell lining of the lower intestine.

Liver Care, stomach care Herbal and Natural Products.

Herbal digesting pills for digesting problems and other stomach problems also.