Mahabhringraj Hair oil ( 200ML & 500ml )

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Bhringraj oil is also known as Mahabhringraj oil

-Mahabhrinraj Scalp Massaging Oil.
-Some call mahabhingaraj hair oil
-100% Ayurvedic Hair Massaging Oil from Ramakrishna Vidyut Ayurvedic
Pharmacy, Pune.
-For external use only Direction for use:
-A daily scalp massage with this oil for 10-15 minutes before sleeping,
-Pune’s ‘Mahabhringaraj Hair Oil’ is a highly effective Ayurvedic Hair Oil.
-MahaBhringaraj Oil helps in prevention of hair loss. It reduces Hair Fall.
-It reduces the burning sensation of eyes, palms and feet soles.
-Regular and long term use of MahaBhringaraj Hair Oil prevents
prematured graying of hair and promotes hair growth.
-Please note: MahaBhringaraj Hair Oil is an Ayurvedic Hair Oil.
-It has very long term benefits on hair.