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Mukombero Powder

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Mondia also known as mukombero is the root of Whites’s ginger, a slow-growing vine found in several parts of Africa where it is used medicinally, the most common use is as an aphrodisiac.

Mukombero is full of proteins, vital minerals; magnesium, iron, zinc and calcium just to name a few, vitamins ie. Vitamin A, D, K and E. In addition its vanilla taste in the roots  brings good flavor in tea.

Publications have indicated evidence of the plant’s ability to increase libido, stimulate the production of testosterone and increase potency in males by improving garmetes motility.

Health Benefits / Mukombero Benefits

1. Improves Mental Performance and Brain Function

From Studies it has been found that mukombero has a positive impact on memory, quick learning and retention capacity to learners, it has the ability to increase alertness and energy. Research Institute in South Korea in a study found that taking its powder daily for a period of two weeks improves mental performance significantly.

2. Natural aphrodisiac

The Aphrodisiacs are foods, drugs or herbs which arouse sexual instincts and brings the desires for action. They also increase pleasure and or performance during the activity. Mukombero is preferred because it's generally safe, full of nutrients/ingredients and its free from side effects. Its performance is not limited to gender.

3. Flu prevention

Mondia Whitei is also linked to the treatment and prevention of influenza and respiratory problems. The extract improve the survival of human lungs and the epithelial cells which are infected by influenza virus that causes Flu.

Other key benefits include:

4. Lowers Blood Sugar Level.

5. Boost Immune System.

6. Anti-aging and Longevity.

Mukombero powder benefits are very many.


A table spoon in a glass of warm water daily