Ginseng Tablets 30's

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Panax Ginseng,Korean Ginseng Tablets

Panax Ginseng (Korean Ginseng) Tablets 250mg 30's


  • Helps improve libido
  • Beneficial for Improving overall health
  • Boosts immune system
  • Helps Improve energy levels
  • Natural nutrient for diabetic people

For more than 2,000 years, the roots of Panax plants have been valued in Chinese herbalism for their invigorating, adaptogenic, and tonic properties. As a result of its long history of use, Panax ginseng has been studies extensively by modern scientists and it has been found to possess hundreds of compounds, including ginsenosides, phenolics, and saccharides that contribute to its biological activity.

  • High Ginsenosides Powder Extract to Boost Energy, Endurance, Mood, Performance and Health Tablets
  • 30 Vegan Tablets
  • Packed with a host of goodness
  • Energy and Focus Tablets