Wheatgrass Juice 500 ML

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-Natural Liver Detox & Gut Cleanser Juice

-Superfood For Weight & Cholesterol Management 

-100% Ayurvedic


  • Natural Detoxifier 
  • Gut Cleanser
  • Superfood for Weight Management
  • Effective Cholesterol Management
  • Sourced within 7 to 10 Days of harvest 


Vansaar Wheat Grass juice is a 100 % pure ayurvedic juice made from natural wheatgrass. This ayurvedic detox juice is formulated within 7-10 days of harvest providing maximum nutrition. Vansaar Wheatgrass juice helps detoxify & cleanse your liver, removes harmful toxins and is a natural gut cleanser. This superfood filled with natural nutrients in wheatgrass juice helps get rid of toxins and impurities. Daily consumption of this liver detox juice can help detox your liver, act as a gut cleanser & improve overall health naturally. 
  • Natural Detoxifier- Consuming Vansaar Wheatgrass juice daily helps in natural detoxification and flushing out of harmful toxins from your body thereby promoting liver health naturally. This 100% ayurvedic liver detox juice cleanses the liver & detoxifies the overall digestive system.  
  • Gut Cleanser: Vansaar Wheatgrass Juice is an ayurvedic juice made from pure and fresh wheatgrass and enriched with natural fibre that helps cleanse the digestive system thereby making it a superfood for a clean and a healthier gut. Made from 100% natural ingredients, adding this liver cleanser juice to your daily diet will boost your overall gut health. 
  • Superfood for Weight ManagementWheat Grass Juice from Vansaar is rich in essential vitamins that help boost digestive health. This Superfood for the liver is made from fresh, natural wheatgrass that helps manage your weight naturally and effectively. 
  •  Effective Cholesterol Management: Made from the freshest natural wheatgrass is a 100% herbal juice, Vansaar Wheatgrass juice helps bring the benefits of fresh wheatgrass into your daily diet. Consuming this liver detoxifier ayurvedic juice helps maintain your cholesterol naturally. 
  • Sourced within 7 to 10 Days of harvest Vansaar Wheatgrass juice is specially sourced and formulated within 7-10 days of harvest to retain maximum nutrition making it more nutritious than others.