Zandu arjunarishta 450 ml

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Zandu Arjunarishta: 450 ml

Form: Liquid

Suitable for: Adults

Gender: Both men and women

Package content: 450ml in an airtight bottle


Zandu Arjunarishta is an all-natural herbal potent. It is enriched with

  •       Honey
  •       Jaggery
  •       Dry grapes
  •       Arjuna bark
  •       Fire flame bush

Contains 6-12% self-generated alcohol


Zandu Pharmaceuticals Ltd. Was established almost 147 years ago. The company is a trusted name in the market of herbal supplement and food products. The company is named after its founder, Mahatma Zandu Bhattji. Zandu Arjunarishta

  •       Is 100% herbal
  •       Is made with the best quality ingredients
  •       Comes with a long shelf life of 12 months from the date of manufacture
  •       Is not known to have any side effects when consumed in recommended dose


Zandu Arjunarishta should be consumed after consulting a physician. Generally, the supplement is consumed in the following ways.

  •       Drink the potent after meals
  •       Have 12-24ml of the tonic in a day
  •       Have the supplement 1-2 times in a day
  •       Mix equal amount of water with the tonic before consumption
  •       The age, gender, weight and medical history of the patient plays an important role while determining the dose


Zandu Arjunarishta stays fresh and useful for long if the below tips are followed.

  •       Store at a cool and dry place
  •       Keep in the provided airtight bottle


  •       Do not refrigerate
  •       Keep away from children
  •       Do not expose to direct sunlight
  •       Do not exceed the recommended dose