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Ginkgo Leaf Capsules 60's

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Ginkgo Leaf (Ginkgo Biloba)

Gingko biloba supports circulation to help maintain a healthy heart and for eye health, it also contributes to normal cognitive function to reduce memory loss.

Others call Gingko bilopa

Also available from other brands and in other forms as shown below: 

Pure powdered leaf.
60 x 450mg in vegetable capsule

Originating in China, and now one of the commonest herbs used in western countries among the middle-aged and elderly.

A herb for the over 50’s.

Native to China, though no longer found growing wild, the Ginkgo tree is cultivated commercially in large scale plantations in China, in France near Bordeaux and in South Carolina, USA. The leaves are harvested in the autumn.

Flavone glycosides; ginkgolides (diterpenes); bilobalide (sesquiterpene).

Ginkgo and its standardised extract, has been shown to be extremely free from side effects.


  • Pure-fil.
  • Additive free.
  • Suitable for Vegetarians and Vegans.